Kommune Review – the Start of Something New in Sheffield?

What? Kommune

Where? Angel Street, Sheffield

Price? £5-30

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

I don’t exactly live in a picturesque area of Sheffield.

In fact, quite the opposite: next to my flat is student accommodation (goodbye early nights), a huge roundabout (cue car horns), and a rather depressing sweet shop.

I rarely spend time in the area and, usually, I have to venture further afield to find some good grub.

However, this all changed after I discovered Kommune.

It’s across the road from a dodgy-looking fish shop and just around the corner from KFC – hardly prime real estate as far as Sheffield is concerned.

Usually, if you want to find millennial-friendly food, you’d have to travel to Kelham Island. But with Kommune, now I’ve got some amazing local cuisine just around the corner.

Since moving to Sheffield in June, I’ve been to Kommune three times. There’s a reason I’ve returned so often: the selection is huge and delicious food is almost guaranteed.

Essentially, Kommune is a dining hall with street food style stalls from local vendors, such as Tamper. Think a more middle class version of Meadowhall’s The Oasis.

A friend told me that it looks kind of like an airport waiting lounge. Now she’s said it, I can’t get the image out of my mind, but don’t let that put you off.

The decor is all exposed wiring and concrete slabs. As a self-confessed fan of Kim and Kanye’s house, I’m all for it.

I’ll be honest, the whole building site vibe is a bit millennial 101, but it’s just edgy enough to not be eye-roll inducing.

On to the food.

There’s a great selection at Kommune. If you’re coming with fussy eaters, there’s classics like pizza (Baked in a Brick) and burgers (Fat Hippo), but more interesting options are abound too.

A personal favourite is Torito. Last time I had a mushroom burrito. This might sound like a bland choice, but every ingredient was so carefully cooked.

The wrap was lightly charred, there was a lovely variety of meaty mushrooms, and it was smothered in a creamy sauce, which was an interesting deviation from the usual tex mex combo.

I love Street Food Chef as much as anyone, but this burrito was next level.

On previous visits, I’ve opted for dishes at Chaat Cart and Fat Hippo. The chickpea flatbread from the former was well-spiced, but nothing to shout about.

However, the vegan burger from Fat Hippo is probably the best I’ve ever tasted.

Frankly, I don’t care how ‘realistic’ it was (that’s a useless arbiter of quality vegan food in my books), but it was so juicy and flavourful in comparison to other vegan meat substitutes I’ve tried.

Lina McCartney, watch out.

If none of these options take your fancy, there’s plenty of other options to try, including a fish stall and Korean food.

The drinks selection is less impressive. Hop Hideout have a good variety, but the Kommune bar is lacking (it’s also overpriced).

However, don’t let this or the location put you off. You’ll be missing out on some affordable, interesting dishes just five minutes away from the city centre.

If anything, hopefully the arrival of Kommune will convince other restaurants and bars to move into the area.


Since Primark moved to The Moor, Angel Street has looked a bit worse for wear. But with Kommune, I’m already excited by what this special place could bring to the area. You’re guaranteed good food in an exciting space and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to return again and again.

Find out more about Kommune and the vendors on offer here.

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