How to Get Cinema Tickets for Less than £5 in Sheffield (Yes, Really)

No, this isn’t an #ad (we’re not quite there on the blogging journey yet).

I just honestly think this is the best deal going in Sheffield.

If you know me already, you’ll know I love the cinema. I go at least once a week and subscribe to several online streaming services.

(Side note: check out MUBI as a Netflix alternative, but I’ll touch on that in another blog post soon).

If you’re based in Sheffield, you’re spoiled for choice with the cinemas we have on offer.

You can go to:

  • The Light: aka the comfiest seats going, but quite pricey. Somewhere you’d take your nan.
  • ODEON Luxe: claims to be fancy, but really it’s just full of teenagers.
  • Cineworld: actually fancy, but who can be arsed to get the tram there.
  • Vue: £5 tickets but the films are shite.
  • Curzon: ‘Mainstream indie,’ or the A24 of cinema chains.

There might be some other cinemas further out, but these are the easiest to get to from the city centre.

However, the jewel in Sheffield’s crown in Showroom Cinema. For my money, it’s the best cinema in the country.

Even better, if you’re under 26, you can get tickets for under £4.50!

Why do I love Showroom so much?

Here are three reasons why:

1. The Film Programme

No other cinema in Sheffield has such a diverse, eclectic, and exciting film programme.

At Showroom, you’ll find mainstream hits (the good ones, anyway), indie favourites, Oscar contenders, left-field gems, and re-runs of old classics.

What’s more, they put on great events, such as the horror film festival Celluloid Screams and Sheffield Doc/Fest – only the largest documentary festival in the UK.

The programming team finds a wonderful balance between obvious crowdpleasers, which bring in the money, and smaller films which deserve recognition.

Similar cinemas across the country *cough* The Electric *cough* struggle to keep up with UK release dates. But Showroom keep to a tight schedule and even host previews.

For example, last month you could catch Portrait of a Lady on Fire nearly two months before general release!

I could go on, so I will…

Showroom also put on film courses, which feature local academics from Hallam and the University of Sheffield. Here, you can learn more about film and bring your knowledge to the monthly film discussion group.

2. The Screens

Okay, here me out…

The Light or ODEON Luxe have the most ‘modern’ screens in Sheffield. They’re full of gizmos and fancy sound systems.

However, they lack any charm whatsoever.

Yes, The Abbeydale Picture House probably has the most gorgeous screen in the city, but it’s slowly crumbling to the ground.

With it’s red fabric seats, at Showroom you’ll feel like you’re in a movie (well, sort of).

Perhaps more impressively, they’re one of the only cinemas around that can show films in 35mm. This Summer, they showed one of the only 35mm copies of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the country.

Beat that, ODEON.

3. The Food

Attached to the cinema is Showroom’s Café Bar.

After seeing a golden age classic or the latest Star Wars movie, it’s the perfect place to chat about what you’ve just seen over some good grub.

You’ll find delicious brunch options, an extensive vegan menu, and cinema classics like hot dogs and nachos.

If you’re into cooking, you can book onto bread or curry making courses too.

Each month, they also host the Showroom Film Quiz. I’m not going to lie, it’s not for the fain hearted, but it’s great fun nonetheless.

So, you probably get by now that I love Showroom Cinema quite a bit. I promise you, I’m not getting paid to say any of this!

Remember that sweet £4.50 deal I mentioned earlier on? What can you get out of it?

Well, if you’re under 26, you can:

  • See any film for £4.50 (other than Stage and Screen broadcasts).
  • Get a free ticket for your birthday, plus a free ice cream!
  • Book online with no extra fee.
  • Collect points to spend on snacks.

As a young film fan, it’s one of my favourite things about living in Sheffield.

Already planning on seeing Little Women, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, or Cats this week?

Save yourself some cash and apply for a Cine 26 card here.

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