The Frock Destroyers Review – Drag Trio Overshadowed

What? The Frock Destroyers

Where? Leadmill

Price? £20

Star Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Over the past few years, RuPaul’s Drag Race has started to tire.

RuPaul has looked increasingly stiff (or maybe that’s all the hairspray) and the show’s charm has started to fade.

However, I’ve kept returning for more. As they say in the US, Drag Race is the gay NFL. No matter how eye-roll inducing it becomes, I still tune in for every episode without fail.

Having said that, the UK version, which aired for the first time in 2019, breathed new life into the series.

A fresh set of faces and a crude, spiky British sense of humour gave the series the kick up the arse it needed.

For those of you who don’t watch it, a performance by ‘The Frock Destroyers’ was the highlight of the first UK series.

As part of the girl group challenge, two teams had to write and perform their own song.

The Frock Destroyers – named after two sex workers, ‘The Cock Destroyers’, who were the unlikely viral stars of 2019 – absolutely stole the show. You can watch their gloriously outrageous performance here (just skip to 37 minutes in).

Break Up (Bye Bye) even managed to chart at #2 on iTunes!

As a result of their success, the band is back together and touring the UK. After a stop in Belfast, they came to Leadmill in Sheffield for one night only.

And yet, sadly, the performance failed to live up to the hype.

First, all three queens performed individually.

Blu Hydrangae was the most energetic of the three. But she wore the most ill-fitting clothes I’ve ever seen on a drag queen.

To be fair, a Buzz Lightyear look is hard to pull off. But her baggy costume looked like it was from Claire’s.

Divina De Campo faired better (no red wig and silver dress this time).

Her set was genuinely funny and, in a room full of Northerners, her Yorkshire wit shone through.

However, her rendition of a Wicked track wouldn’t feel out of place at Butlins.

Baga Chipz was the worst of the three.

She turned up in her classic jumpsuit and hair that made her look like Charity Shop Sue.

Her performance was unmemorable and she looked shattered.

At the end of the show, they all came together to perform Break Up (Bye Bye). It was an obvious crowdpleaser… so they went over the routine one more time.

However, that was it.

There was no other material and they barely interacted with one another.

On the TV show, we got to see their larger than life personalities (what drag queen doesn’t have one?). But here, all chemistry faded as they laboured through the song again and again.

It was a shame to be so let down by them, but I did enjoy other parts of the evening.

Two interludes by Mutha Tucka were a highlight.

During a rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, they threw Walkers crisps into the crowd – with Mariah’s face on them, of course.

It was the funniest and most surprising moment of the night.

They wore a gorgeous dress, with fierce makeup and a fine beard to complete their androgynous look.

Sadly, they weren’t mentioned on any of the promotional material, but they completely stole the show.

It was a reminder that the queens on Drag Race are only a small selection of what the UK has to offer.

In fact, Mutha Tucka’s brilliance proves that there’s even better talent to be found if you look hard enough.

Let’s hope that RuPaul takes note as he starts casting for season two.

You can find tickets for upcoming drag shows at Leadmill, including Nina West and Mz Cracker, here.

Learn more about Mutha Tucka by following her on Twitter (@MuthaTucka_) or Instagram (muthatucka_).

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