Dishi Review – Vegan Food to Feel Good About

What? Dishi Lunch Menu

Where? Dishi, Kelham Island

Price? £5-10

Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Veganism has gone mainstream in 2020 like never before.

Everywhere you go in Sheffield city centre, you’re bombarded with adverts for vegan chicken burgers, steak bakes, and even donuts.

Gone are the days of vegans being offered measly falafel or a handful of leafy greens.

Clearly, brands have cottoned on to the fact that vegan products = £££

However, most of these options are meat substitutes. This is hardly anything to sniff at and could, potentially, be a gateway for many meat eaters.

However, as someone who’s had their fair share of Quorn, I’m not arsed to be honest.

One thing that vegetarianism has taught me is that vegetables are delicious.

They give you everything you need for tasty meal: flavour, texture, colour. Adding in a rubbery meat substitute only takes away from this.

So, when we were given the lunch menu at Dishi, I was pleasantly surprised.

We weren’t confronted with fake fast food or vegetables masquerading as junk. Instead, the lunch menu is simple and concise.

The owner explained to us that the small menu means the chef can focus on getting every dish just right. And, well, we weren’t disappointed.

I opted for the Teriyaki tofu, which was beautifully crispy and glazed in a delicious sauce. The veg and black rice complimented it perfectly.

My boyfriend went for the dhal. He let me have a taste and, even from one spoonful, I could tell the sauce was well-balanced and the cauliflower was roasted to a tee.

For just over £5 per plate, it’s amazing value for money considering how good it tastes.

But the whole vibe of the place is what sets it apart.

The restaurant is small and family run. They also source their ingredients locally. On their website, they mention that the menu changes depending on what they get from Sheffield market in the morning.

They aren’t a fast food chain cashing in on the latest trend, or a Goop wannabe jumping on the ‘wellness’ bandwagon.

Nor are they militant activists trying to convert anyone who walks through the door.

Rather, the owner was warm, friendly and genuinely seemed interested in educating us about their food.


Dishi is hardly doing anything groundbreaking, but they’re a tonic in a market overcrowded by vegan fast food and big corporations. This is exactly the kind of local, family run business you need to get behind.

To find out more or book a table, visit the Dishi website.

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