Triple Point Brewery Tour Review – A Beer Snob is Born

What? Triple Point Brewery Tour

Where? Shoreham Street, Sheffield

Price? £20

Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Reader, I’ve become a beer snob.

It was never a drink that appealed to me. I associated it with hypermasculinity, watching football at the pub, and straight lad culture.

But it’s something I’ve slowly come to enjoy.

Now I have *actual* money to spend post-uni, I’ve diversified my palette.

I’ve ditched Carling for IPAs and pale ale. My middle class transformation is almost complete…

As I live in Sheffield, this is no surprise. The Steel City has 4.7 times as many breweries per capita as London. (That’s according to a report by the University of Sheffield).

Over the past few months, I’ve ventured to The Devonshire Cat (AKA ‘Dev Cat’) and The Old Workshop to name a few.

But Triple Point Brewery is leagues ahead of the rest.

The brewery tour is a great way to learn what makes their beer so special.

In the package, you get:

  • The tour
  • 4 tasting beers
  • 1 pint of your choice (or a can to take home)
  • Twisted Burger meal
  • Gift bag including a beer glass

For £20, it’s an absolute steal!

The tour started with an informative talk from the master brewer.

I’ll be honest, a lot of this went over my head. The group of men near us had their beer apps open, ready to log in their latest discoveries.

But, for me, it would’ve been beneficial to go back to basics.

We then ventured into the brewery, where the guide showed us the whole brewing process.

It was a bit jargon-heavy at times, but his passion and knowledge was infectious.

The highlight of the tour was the tasting session. We were guided through four different beers, which were all delicious.

As a novice, it was great to learn about the subtleties in flavour. But we also got to hear some history and local trivia too.

On a typical day, you can try 400 unique beers in Sheffield.

The water here is also some of the best in the world. Its softness is similar to that in Plzen, which is where Pilsner lager comes from.

So why go to Triple Point when you have all this choice?

Well, first of all the beer is delicious. It’s won multiple awards and they’re always experimenting with exciting flavours.

Most of the beers are vegan, too, which is an added bonus.

But the main draw is the passion behind it. The team work tirelessly – mixing “science, magic, and art” – to create the best beer possible.

This isn’t your regular, shop-bought lager. After pouring piss-coloured Carling behind a bar as a teenager, this tour has opened my eyes to how great beer can be.


Sheffield is unofficially the beer capital of the UK. Triple Point Brewery proves that the Steel City is leading the way in exciting, creative, and delicious beers. So why do we not have an international reputation?

Visit the Triple Point Brewery website to start your beer-loving journey.

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